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NGCP completes restoration of #RositaPH-affected lines

Published on November 2, 2018 12:00 AM

NGCP completes restoration of #RositaPH-affected lines

Power transmission operations in North Luzon are back to normal operations as NGCP successfully completed the restoration of lines affected by Typhooon Rosita. 

Normalization of the grid came after the energization of the Batal-Garit line segment, jointly maintained by NGCP and ISELCO 1. The line segment was restored at 9:40PM of November 1. Transmission services in all #RositaPH affected areas are now under normal operations. 

This concludes NGCP's monitoring for this weather disturbance. 

NGCP assures the public that it is continuously monitoring weather disturbances and is ready to activate its OCMC should there be any threat to its transmission facilities.