NGCP Article

Mindoro-Palawan Power Interconnection seeking go ahead from regulators

Published on August 2, 2019 12:00 AM

Pursuant to the government’s directive to connect off-grid areas into the main power grid, power transmission operator NGCP recently filed its application with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to pursue Stage 1 of the Palawan-Mindoro Interconnection Project (PMIP). 

The PMIP Stage 1, with an estimated cost of PhP 6.4 billion, will serve as the preparatory stage for the interconnection of Palawan to the main grid. It aims to conduct further studies on the interconnection of Palawan to Mindoro through submarine cable and establish a transmission backbone designed to serve long-term power needs in the area.  

“NGCP is proposing to implement the PMIP to provide adequate, reliable and affordable power supply in Palawan. With the increasing demand for power in the island due to tourism and economic development, it is about time to pursue this interconnection to the main grid which will provide Palawan with more reliable power supply and access to cheaper alternative sources of power in the main Luzon grid,” said NGCP. 

Stage 1 of the PMIP has two components: a desktop and hydrographic survey and a new transmission line and substation project in Mindoro. The survey will assess the risks in the study area, present information that may affect the survey and actual project implementation, determine the feasible routes for the proposed submarine cable interconnection, and assess engineering risks along the possible cable routes, and other factors. 

The second component is the establishment of the Calapan-San Jose 230-kiloVolt (kV) Transmission Line Backbone and San Jose 230kV Substation in Occidental Mindoro since the province will eventually serve as the connection link of Palawan to the main grid. This transmission backbone will provide reliable transmission of power in the area while creating potential for generation facilities as well. It will also provide an interconnection link to Palawan and the Visayas islands, which may be explored in the future. 

Stage 1 of the PMIP, will run for 27 months for the conduct of the desktop and hydrographic survey, while the development of the Calapan-San Jose 230kV Backbone and San Jose 230kV Substation will run for 60 months. 

If a viable route for the project is identified upon completion of the hydrographic survey, and the 230kV backbone component is completed, NGCP will proceed to Stage 2 of the project, which is the actual implementation of the Palawan-Mindoro interconnection through submarine cable. 

NGCP hopes for the Provisional Authority to implement the project and for the eventual ERC approval considering the impact and importance of the PMIP to the entire Philippine grid. “Considering that the interconnection of Palawan to Mindoro will entail the development of very long transmission facilities, it is very important that these pre-construction activities be started as early as possible. This interconnection project will greatly benefit not just the island of Palawan, but will also prepare the entire Philippine grid for the integration to the proposed ASEAN Power Grid, promoting power sharing and optimization of generation capacity within the region,” NGCP stated. 

NGCP is a Filipino-led, privately owned company in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid, led by majority shareholders Henry Sy, Jr. and Robert Coyiuto, Jr. ###