Corporate Profile

In this section, you will find information on the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’s (NGCP) corporate history, including its mission, vision, and values.  It also includes a background on the Franchise Law, an act crucial to the development and regulation of NGCP as power transmission service concessionaire.  

Who Is NGCP?

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has the crucial task of delivering safe and reliable electricity throughout the archipelago. It all started in 2008 when the consortium of Monte Oro Grid Resources Corporation, Calaca High Power Corporation, and State Grid Corporation of China won the franchise to operate, maintain, and further expand the power grid in the biggest government auction conducted in efforts to reform the local power sector.

What was once a government owned and controlled corporation and a spin-off company of National Power Corporation, NGCP now holds the responsibility of bringing the electricity produced by power plants to distribution utilities. Though relatively new, NGCP tries to empower the country by building transmission lines that will traverse and interconnect our major islands so that every household will enjoy the benefits of electricity.

Equipped with technical expertise and a sound financial portfolio, NGCP is on its way to fulfilling its commitment to the Filipino people: stronger transmission for a stronger nation.  


Franchise Law

Signed into law on December 1, 2008, Republic Act (R.A.) 9511 grants the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) the franchise to operate, manage, and expand the electric transmission business of the country. A product of the EPIRA law, the Franchise Law authorizes NGCP to handle the transmission grid for 25 years, renewable for another 25 years, - for a total of 50-year franchise. The franchise only covers the operations and management of the transmission facilities but the assets, including lines, substations, land, and structures, will remain with the Philippine government through the National Transmission Corporation or TransCo.

For the duration of the franchise, NGCP shall safely and reliable transmits electricity through the high-voltage transmission backbones, and shall improve and enhance the present transmission system nationwide. The law also subjects NGCP to the regulation and policies of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in the conduct of its operations. Further, NGCP is expected to report regularly to the Congress of the Philippines to ensure the compliance with regulators and related laws.

For a copy of the Franchise Law, click here.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission. To contribute to the nation’s social and economic development and satisfying our stakeholders’ needs by efficiently developing and adequately operating the power grid to provide reliable electricity transmission service.

Vision. To build the strongest power grid and maintain the best power utility practice in Southeast Asia, with the collective efforts of a world-class professional work force.

Core Values.  We abide by the three core values of integrity, competence, and passion.  

Integrity -  
We adhere to a strict level of professionalism, sincerity, and brotherly compassion to serve.

Competence -  We uphold a strong heritage, which fuels our drive to perform to our outmost potential.

Passion.  NGCP maintains an unmatched passion for service and excellence.

Armed with eager hearts and capable minds, NGCP is ready to take on the crucial task of delivering a stronger transmission grid to usher the future of a stronger Philippines.